R&AW sex worker sunaina’s associate returns from holiday

Though she is faking her resume, investment, the indian government blindly believes the complete lies of the google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar because she has SEX with powerful CBI, NTRO officials. The shameless fraud raw employee sunaina and her powerful sex partners are fallsely claiming that their associate in st inez, a slim housewife with a son, is doing all the online work to justify the wastage of tax payer money on sunaina. However in the last week, during Ganesh Chathurti , it appears that sunaina’s associate and her family had gone for a holiday out of panaji, as the newspapers were lying heaped in front of her door.
Now it appears that she has returned from the holiday, yet the shameless fraud ntro officials will continue to falsely claim that goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina’s associates, who are least interested, are working online, even when the young woman and her family had gone on a holiday.

Road, rail travel compared

The media reported that prices of superfast trains like Duronto, Rajdhani, Jan Shatabdi in India are likely to increase in the next few months. As a result people are likely to consider other travel options like bus or air as the flight ticket prices are often comparable to 1st class train ticket prices. However travel agents will still be able to offer the best deals on travel packages. More details on road and rail travel available online for reference by travellers

Google, tata online fraud forces domain investor to travel by train

Tata, gooogle are allegedly involved in a major sex, cheating, domain, paypal, educational, recruitment, impersonation fraud as google is ruthless in destroying the life, finances of link sellers. The retirement savings of the link seller of twenty years, have been stolen by officials on the payroll of google without a court order or legally valid reason, to cause more financial problems.
So the link seller who could earlier travel by flight in India was forced to travel by train as she does not have access to her savings, her payment is blocked and she is denied the opportunities she deserved

Hotel rooms available for rent

Hotel rooms available for rent all over India at the following locations on double occupancy basis in Sterling Holidays resort
Minimum 3 days, 2 nights upto 15 days, 14 nights (limited rooms available)
Renting the rooms due to a demise in the family, making it difficult to go on a holiday
Tourist will have to pay Rs 1000 at the resort as guest charges + taxes as applicable
Id proof required at the time of check in.
Interested tourists/holidayers can send their best offer for the holiday. Free coffee,tea, swimming pool, recreational facilities

Western India
Goa – Villagio, Club Estadia

South India
Karwar (close to Goa)
Didi Godavari
Kodai by the lake
Kodai by the valley
Ooty Elk Hill
Ooty Fern Hill

East India

Northern India

Please send your offers or request for information to info@textads.in and nkinf@hotmail.com .More details also available at Discounted hotels . Complete arrangement for holiday in Goa can be made including airport drop and pickup.

Train travel to avoid harassment

the lion king merchandise

Indian intelligence and security agencies specialize in creating an atmosphere of fear to terrorize harmless domain investors, denying any kind of information, using voice to skull technology to cause mental stress . As a result the terrified domain investor may choose to travel by train, to avoid being stalked by cruel officials, which causes further problems

A Beginners Guide To Yachts

Things You Need to Know Before Booking a Crewed Yacht Charter

Doing a research on the internet could give you a hint on what to expect when getting a crewed yacht charters. The best thing about these charters is that they are all available in almost all places in the world. Finding the best yacht charter company can be overwhelming, but it’s relatively simple. The truth is, booking the sailing yacht and charter is very simple.

Prior to contacting any crewed yacht charter company, you must know where you are heading first. Also, you or your friends and families must set a schedule on when you are going to travel.

The destination that you are going to pick for the crewed yacht charter is the most important part of the booking process. Then after you decided where to go, the next procedure of the booking process will then become much more easier.

The crewed sailing yacht consists of a crew and a captain, they will basically watch and take care of your needs while you the yacht is sailing. Getting a crew and a captain means that you can also take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about how to sail using a yacht.

You need not to look at your map almost all the time since the captain and the crew knows very well the best spots for fishing, diving, and ports for shopping. The captain will lead the way and he or she is responsible for the safety and comfort of everyone on board of the yacht.

The all-inclusive crewed yacht charter has everything that you need to make the most out of your unique adventure. You don’t need to worry about foods and drinks, as well as equipment as they are already included in the price. The only time you are going to get some money out from your wallet is when you go shopping to different ports. Another member of the crew yacht charter is the chef and he will be cooking delicious delicacies for you and your family or friends.

Don’t forget that you need not pay any anchorage fees during the travel.

The cost of the crewed yacht charter depends on the size of the boat you booked, the number of passengers on board of the yacht and the length or distance of the charter. Time and season also affects the cost of the charter, winter sailing is more expensive that summer sailing.You should now that time and seasons affects the costs of the charter – winter sailing cost more than summer sailing.

Make sure that when you book a crewed yacht charter, you are well aware of how its travel insurance works. Even if the captain and the crew is vigilant when it comes to safety and security, we as human beings have no idea when and where accident strikes.

Start searching the web for the best crewed yacht charter and begin making a shortlist of your dream destination now.

Source: http://www.foodandtravelfun.com/luxury-holiday-ideas-for-summer-2016/

Payday loans news and information

With security and intelligence agencies labelling those who lead a frugal life a security threat without any proof at all, most young people prefer to lead a lavish lifestyle often spending more money than what they make. As a result they are often short funds and require a payday loan for some quick money. Payday loans news has information about the latest payday loans, offers, interest, charges

Railway stations burned, trains cancelled, due to haryana riots

As the Jat riots in Haryana for obc reservations, continue there are reports that at least 6 railway stations have been burned by the rioters, and up to 700 trains cancelled due to blockage of railway tracks according to media reports.
It clearly indicated the misplaced priorities of powerful intelligence and security agency officials as they are wasting resources (at least 30-40 indian government employees) to monitor and torture a harmless single woman obc engineer, just because google, tata, powerful officials hate her, to steal her resume for 8-9 lazy greedy fraud RAW/cbi employees, yet these officials are not able to identify the mastermind of the haryana riots.
The train travel plans of millions of travellers will be adversely affected due to the calamity, which is manmade unlike the chennai floods and could be handled better.

I Was Learning Some New Things About India

I was helping a young fellow for a friend of a friend. The young fellow was going to school here in the States, but he was from India. I was learning some Telegu words from his native language. He was sharing all kinds of interesting things with me about his country. It was still cold here when he told me that it was probably in the 90s where he lived. I was also learning about Indian military facts of note that he was telling me about. I had no idea that India even had a military.

We see so many things on TV that depict India as being nothing but backward and poor. They seem to have a pretty advanced cellular service. Continue reading