Dangers of long distance train travel

Last month the media reported that a IFS officer from Odissa was missing while travelling by train with his wife and his body was found some time later. Though allegedly the death is related to the Vyapam fraud in Madhya Pradesh and one of the numerous deaths which has been reported in relation to the recruitment fraud, it again highlighted the fact that train travel in India remains dangerous especially at night.
While there are many passengers in the sleeper compartment for most trains, there are few passengers in the first class compartment so it will be difficult for a person who is being attacked to get help.

So while travelling by train, especially long distances, a person should be prepared for any emergency to defend himself or herself

Ladies compartment train travel problems

Since sexual harassment of women in India is common, most trains have a ladies compartment. However there are several problems faced by women who are planning to travel by train. The location of the ladies compartment will not be fixed. For trains from Goa to Mumbai the ladies compartment will usually be at the end of the train. However even in this case the size of the compartment will not be fixed, In some cases, the ladies unreserved compartment will have 20 seats for sitting, while in other cases there will be 40 seats for sitting. The factors used to determine the size of the compartment are not known.

However it appears that the location of the ladies compartment is not fixed. While travelling from Mangalore to Goa, a domain investor was told that the compartment would be at the beginning of the train, just behind the drivers compartment. However after a few stops, she found that it was a general compartment and it was getting filled with men, making it a uncomfortable trip.

If any one knows the factors that determine the location of the ladies compartment, kindly revert.

Cheating, Casteism of shivalli brahmin housewife cause of train travel

Another reason why domain investor are forced to travel by train instead of air is fraud by the well connected shivalli brahmin cheater housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar. The cheater housewife looted the domain investor of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, and instead of being punished for her crime, powerful dishonest officials in indian intelligence agencies rewarded the brahmin housewife for looting the obc bhandari engineer, with a lucrative job allegedly in R&AW, falsely claiming that the brahmin fraud nayanshree had the resume of the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor.

So the obc bhandari engineer domain investor was denied the information, opportunities she deserved, in addition to being looted of her hard earned money. Now the mediocre brahmin cheater nayanshree and her associates have control over the content because her fraud friends and relatives, falsely claim that the mediocre nayanshree has written all the content for the websites of the obc engineer nayanshree looted, when actually the mediocre brahmin BBM nayanshree has extremely poor english skills.

So because of casteism and cheating, the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor has been forced to reduce expenses and travel by train

How greedy lazy GSB frauds force domain investors to travel by train

Though most GSB brahmins like to boast that their community hold important positions because they are well educated, in reality at least some lazy greedy GSB frauds hold positions of great power in indian intelligence agencies allegedly R&AW, CBI because they are shameless lazy greedy frauds experts in defaming, cheating, exploiting and harassing hardworking obc bhandari engineers,domain investors, Paypal account holders.
The greedy lazy goan GSB frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar have allegedly got great powers and lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW because powerful fraud officials infatuated with these GSB frauds are falsely claiming that these cheaters are domain investors, Paypal account holders and their Btech 1993 EE classmate to steal the resume of the OBC bhandari domain investor and single woman engineer.
The lazy greedy GSB fraud riddhi is only a housewife, the cheater siddhi mandrekar is a diploma holder who commited corporate espionage , neither of these lazy greedy women are doing any work, and have no income, savings to invest online, yet they have got great powers, because they are shameless frauds making false claims to get a good salary, at the expense of the obc bhandari engineer who is getting nothing.
So the middle aged obc bhandari single woman engineer, domain investor has to pay all the expenses, and has been denied a fair deal because of the lazy greedy cheater goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi who are exploiting her. With little money left, she was forced to travel by train.

Sex bribes resulted in train travel for domain investor

Usually experienced and major domain investors in a country/India are acknowledged and given a honorary position. However the fraud top officials in the indian internet sector took sex bribes from the lazy greedy goan sluts fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bhandari slut bsc slim sunaina and abused their great powers to falsely claim that these young inexperienced goan frauds were domain investors, to allegedly get them lucrative jobs in R&AW, at the expense of the real domain investor, a obc single woman middle aged engineer.
The powerful ntro official J srinivasan was allegedly infatuated with the slim goan obc bhandari slut bsc sunaina, half his age and falsely claimed that she was his Btech 1993 EE classmate, domain investor when she has not spent a single paisa on domain names to get her a lucrative job allegedly in R&AW at the expense of the domain investor
So now the lazy greedy goan sluts siddhi sunaina who offer sex bribes to the fraud top officials , gsb fraud housewife lead thief riddhi, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar are getting a good salary wasting indian tax payer money , with potential for demanding and getting bribes, despite not spending a single paisa on domain names, or doing any work at all, at the expense of the middle aged obc bhandari engineer these greedy lazy fraud women, their powerful friends and relatives defamed and exploited .
The income of the middle aged obc bhandari engineer, domain investor who has to pay all the domain renewal expenses, has become limited resulting in train travel, while lazy greedy goan sluts, brahmin and other housewives enjoy at her expense, with google, tata, allegedly promoting and protect the goan sluts and other cheaters

How domain investors are forced to travel by train

In all countries of the world, domain investment will be treated like just another investment, with many investors having thousands or hundreds of domain names. However in india due to casteism, fraud top officials think that only brahmins or their puppets should own the domain names, and label all the other domain investors as mentally unsound, subject them to the most terrible human rights abuses. So these officials will steal the savings of the domain investor without a court order or legally valid reason, and also make it difficult to make any money online and offline. So the broke domain investor is forced to travel by train

Theft of retirement savings by officials cause of train travel

A person starting a business after holding a job, will ensure that they have sufficient money to tide over any financial emergency for some time. However due to the corrupt, greedy and dishonest top officials, in India, allegedly bribed by corporates, domain investors find that their retirement savings of twenty years are stolen without a court order or legally valid reason, to force the domain investor to agree to identity theft.
These officials will also waste infinite indian tax payer money to monitor all the activities of the domain investor to cause losses, closing account and blocking the payment due.
The domain investor find that his or her financial planning for years has been upset, forcing the investor to reduce expenses to a great extent, and travelling by train will cut costs to some extent. So though the domain investors are on paper wealthy, financial fraud makes it difficult to lead a decent lifestyle,

Organized stalking during train travel

One of the major disadvantages of train travel for a person being targetted for organized stalking will be that it becomes a good opportunity for those who harass the person to target their victim. During air travel, the air ticket will be expensive so there will have less control over the person travelling with the targeted person. Also the duration of the air trip will also be less, so the organized stalking victim will be targetted for a shorter period of time minimizing the damage or effect ,
However, a train trip of over 700 km will take 8 to 10 hours and it will be easy to target their harmless victim during the trip. For example during the last trip to Mumbai, a look alike of the lazy greedy Goan GSB fraud riddhi was seated next to the domain investor, who the goan gsb fraud is allegedly impersonating. The look alike had the curly/permed hair of the gsb fraud riddhi, was fairly tall with a great figure and spent most of her time with a laptop/tablet playing a game and speaking on phone , smsing her friends/relatives . She appeared to be a fine arts student from Vadodara, who had come to Goa for a holiday and was returning in time to answer her exams.

Though the train journey was not eventful, it indicated the high level of planning and effort which has been made to harass the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor who the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi has been impersonating. Which official made so much effort to plan the organized stalking in so much detail, checking the ticket allocated.

Greedy lazy parasites in Goa cause train travel

Working online has become difficult in goa because of the lazy greedy parasites in goa who exploit domain investors, Powerful fraud officials are infatuated with these parasites, in human form,and falsely claim that these lazy greedy women are associated with domain investors or own the assets of domain investor, Paypal account holder.
When there is no connection at all, why do top officials falsely claim that these cheater women are connected with the domain investor who makes great sacrifices to have enough money to invest in domain names, like travelling by train, which can be very inconvenient,
These parasite like women are getting great powers, salary while the domain investor is being denied the opportunities and information she deserved

Fraud officials steal savings forcing domain investor to travel by train

Few are aware of the extremely powerful officials in the indian internet sector who will make completely false allegations against a harmless obc domain investor to steal her retirement savings of twenty years without a court order or legally valid reason. The engineer had invested in domain names, assuming that all her savings were safe, and available to her whenever she wanted. These fraud incompetent officials seem to think that a person owning the domain names will be making a lot of money automatically when most domain names and websites make very little money, especially investment grade domain names, whose market value will vary over a period of time.
So the domain investor not only has to waste time and money searching for her hard earned savings, waste money paying renewal fees for the domain names, she also cannot access her savings of twenty years. Her financial planning of several years will be disrupted because of corrupt officials defaming her without proof, and she will be forced to reduce expenses, travelling by train.
Thus corrupt greedy officials who steal the savings, force domain investors to travel by train.